The continuous and gradual move of Stock Market towards maturity in recent years, is dependent to hardware and software infrastructure and without doubt in a market where seconds and moments are of high importance, sensitivity of this infrastructure will be also very high. As Stock Exchange equipped with advanced trading system in 2008 and direct access of investors to the core of the stock exchange engine through online trading in 2010 became possible, encouraged the Securities Exchange organization(SEO) to use technological infrastructure, such as digital signature for increasing security in cyberspace and add legal support to online transactions, because the foundation of e-commerce in the world, is digital signature.

Therefore, Tehran Securities Exchange Technical Management Company(TSETMC) as the executive arm of SEO began to conduct preliminary studies since 2008 on a national level and later in 2009 in collaboration with the Ministry of industry, Mine and trade established a Registration Authority(RA), and began offering services to SEO systems such as CODAL. In parallel with these activities and according to the decision of SEO, TSETMC began to interact with the IRAN Governmental Root Certification Authority (IRGRCA), and getting its certificate from IRGRCA besides working under its rules and regulations became a priority.

In 2012, cooperating with IRGRCA started and technical and legal requirements of Iran Capital Market Governmental Certificate Authority (ICMGCA) were investigated, and eventually led to the decision to establish the ICMGCA.

In 2013 infrastructure equipment, hardware, software and CA software purchasing process was carried out and technical, legal, software and process accreditation performed by IRGRCA according to its rules and regulations.

The first technical audit was performed in February 2014 in SEO data center in the Mollasadra St. which hardware equipment of ICMGCA is located in.

Legal, software and process audit carried outin April and May 2014. Ultimately, in June 2014, documents, hardware and software was delivered and final inspection was accomplished by IRGRCA and to coincide with the opening of the 18th FINEX Exhibition on June 2014, TSETMC got the license of the capital market CA.

During 2 months, all the processes were set and Certificate Request Forms verified by IRGRCA, and ICMGCA officially started its activities since 25 August 2014 and by the end of 2014, over 1,500 digital signature certificate issued with the application of using in CODAL system.

Periodical audit of the application, the process of certification and how the CA works was performed in January 2014 by IRGRCA and all stages of the certification process was audited, documents and certificates archive was controlled and the whole process was audited for compliance with ICMGCA CPS and all forms and documents approved by the IRGRCA again.

13 February 2014, hardware, network and security issues in data center audited by the IRGRCA, and all hardware and network were audited in accordance with the provided technical equipment document by the IRGRCA, as well as location, building, cameras and recording systems, fire extinguishing systems, made of metal detectors, smoke detectors and smoke control system that was re-examined and reaffirmed.

Currently, ICMGCA is located in Securities Exchange Organization and its hardware equipment is kept in SEO data center.