Goals and Missions


To set up Registration Authority, specialized seminars and meetings on public key infrastructure and familiarity with electronic certificate


Electronic Equipment certified service provider for all applications to public key infrastructure in the Stock and subsidiaries

Provide electronic certification services include:

    - Accept Electronic Certificate

    - Based on national standards and international certification

    - Certificate Revocation Based on national and international standards

    - A list of revoked certificates in accordance with national and international standards and other services

    Equip applications to electronic certificates and public key infrastructure (PKE the programs)

Providing services related to electronic certificates include:

    - Secure Mail

    - SSL / TLS

    - Code Signing

    - OCSP Signing

    - Timestamps

    - MS Smart Card Logon

    - Domain Controller

Corporate seals and other services

Carry out specialized activities in the field of electronic certificates, development of reliable authentication and competence of individuals and organizations in the virtual world, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of communications and electronic documents, coordination with the Executive Committee for the management of electronic certificates on the stock exchange, coordination Editor operating instructions for the use of electronic certificates and services in exchange, the formulation of regulations and implementation details electronic certificates, building confidence in electronic exchanges goods and services and information in cyberspace, culture in the use and application of electronic certificates and its services, public education Are specialized in the field of electronic certificates and public key infrastructure and the notification area of ​​electronic certificates and public key infrastructure.